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(and why you shouldn’t panic when you see that tape with numbers)

We have all seen those bake off shows where a baker stands with a lopsided, half-sunken cake presented to the judges – usually a result of too much flour or too little baking powder – with icing dripping down the sides to hide the tragic outcome of something that could have been a masterpiece. And all this because of the wrong measurements!

For women, shopping in today’s retail environment has much of the same effect. You see the perfect piece, in your size, but it doesn’t sit quite right around the waist or it is too tight around the bust. We have all been there – putting back a garment that could have become a part of your carefully selected wardrobe or buying it only for the garment to end up at the back of your closet because it’s just too uncomfortable. 

Having the right measurements for a cake can lead to a masterpiece, but why is this not taken into account when creating clothing for the masterpiece that is a woman’s body?

At Triana Designs it is important to work according to our customer’s measurements, so it fits like a dream and feels comfortable on every part of your body. Our bodies have not been created in one specific form and every single body is unique in its measurements. We embrace the uniqueness and differences and use it to our advantage to create a piece that takes your breath away -and not because it’s too tight 🙂 . 

Loyde Triana - Swimwear & Lingerie